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How to remove tea staining on stainless steel

Tea staining happens when the surface of stainless steel becomes discoloured due to corrosion. One of the most common places for it to occur is near the sea. Tea staining can happen up to five kilometres from a beach with high levels of surf, or up to one kilometre from a beach with calm waters. Both wind and weather conditions play a decisive role in the extent of tea staining, and in some cases, it can occur up to 20 kilometres from the coast. The most important factor is proximity to a salt source; the shorter the distance, the more likely the chances of corrosion.

In addition to areas that are close to the sea, subtropical and high humidity climates also have a higher risk of contributing to tea staining.

Tea staining and stainless steel

Stainless steel is a low maintenance material but it is not generally maintenance free. The best way to prevent and eliminate tea stains on stainless steel is with regular washing and tea stain removal without toxic acid. Applying waxes after cleaning can also temporarily protect surfaces from corrosion, but regular application is necessary to be effective.

At Reba Scientific, we use non-toxic solutions for stain removal from stainless steel as well as to protect it from future staining.

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