Think your Descaler is safe? Think again!

Non-corrosive Descaler

Acids, Caustics and Dangerous Solvents is still used as descaler to breaks down calcium, lime, scale, milk stone, beer stone and other deposits. This cause higher insurance premium, OHS cost, higher discharge fee and storage cost, reduce staff morale, etc.


A safer, more powerful alternative

BlowOut is a most aggressive line cleaner and descaler, yet non toxic and non corrosive. The potency of BlowOut combined, with its unique safety profile, makes it the natural choice of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. Further, Blow Out removes no trace metals from the system, making it legal to dispose effluent water directly into the sanitary system. Blowout is non-fuming, non-corrosive, non-toxic andbiodegradable.
Blowout is the only non-acid solution that the Navy has cleared as their ships’ heat exchanger descaler! It is not just a non-toxic descaler, it is also a non-corrosive descaler with properties that keep your staffs and the environment safe.

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“Highly effective in cleaning four years’ accumulation of deposits from the interior of the sewage system piping.”

Lt. Anthony Palmer, USCGC VALIANT

“Environmental friendliness of your product resulted in cost savings of $1000 in waste disposal fees”

Lt. Paul Stukus, USCGC VALIANT

“We will save over $250,000 per year with the CitriSurf process of passivating our stainless steel parts, and have complete control of timing and quality.”