Why this degreaser is the hero?

SynClean HD is a powerful water-based cleaner and solvent-free degreaser , patented ingredient and safely lifts grease from any surface without the use of solvents. Non-emulsifying, safe for any surface, SynClean is so safe it is endorsed by truck giants Volvo and Mack to safely clean big rigs. Also, it degrades hydrocarbons as well as animal and vegetable fats.

Synthetic acid in SynClean essentially replace those toxic and hazardous Muriatic (HCl), replace Sulphuric, Phosphoric Acid, Urea Sulphuric, PolymaleicAcid and nasty solvents like Methylene Chloride, perchloroethylene, d-Limonene, NMP, Acetone, MEK, MPK, Alcohols such as Ethanol and IPA, Toluene (thinners).

Instead of using solvents, it grabs hold of hydrocarbon molecules and lifts them out of the material being cleaned. Since it takes the entire hydrocarbon molecules, it doesn’t absorb water or become weighted down at the bottom of containment units.

In addition to its extraordinary degreasing powers, it contains detergents, penetrants, and rust and corrosion inhibitors, for a powerful all-in-one system. It is ideal as a non-corrosive truck wash or for use on trains, buses and as a safe mining equipment wash.

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