How to start your own Passivation even if you don't know anything?

Passivation with CitriSurf is safe, easy, and can be done in a wide variety of applications, no matter how large or small. With CitriSurf, your passivation line or method will scale to your needs and your budget. Contact us with your questions, or to discuss your application. Product samples are available to industrial customers.

Traditional Passivation Line

A traditional passivation production line utilizes a series of tanks that the parts are immersed in. These tanks can be of any size, made of stainless steel or plastic, heated or at ambient temperature, and can utilize ultrasonics if desired. Accelerated drying with heat is common.

  1. Preclean and rinse if necessary
  2. CitriSurf passivation bath
  3. Two or three water rinses
  4. Drying

Low Volume Passivation

For low volume production with small parts, a dedicated line is not necessary. The CitriSurf bath can be a smaller, tabletop ultrasonic tank, or even a plain plastic bucket. Rinsing with flowing water in a sink is sufficient for a small number of parts, and drying in ambient air is generally fine

  1. Preclean and rinse if necessary
  2. CitriSurf passivation bath
  3. Water rinse in a sink
  4. Air drying

Large Item and Spot Passivation

To passivate very large items, very small areas, or on-site fixtures that are not easily removable, we offer CitriSurf products in trigger sprayer and thicker gel versions so they can be sprayed or brushed onto the needed area. The gel versions are excellent for vertical surfaces and can be sprayed to cover large areas.

  1. Prerinse if necessary
  2. Apply CitriSurf with brush or spray and let sit
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Air drying

CIP Passivation for Process Equipment

Very large tanks are often equipped with a spray ball for clean in place (CIP) activities. We offer products that can be circulated through pipe systems and tanks for cleaning and passivation

  1. Circulate precleaner and rinse water if necessary
  2. Circulate CitriSurf passivation solution
  3. Circulate rinse water
  4. Air drying