Galvastop Australia

Are you battling zinc residue after galvanising?

That’s because the Hot Dip Galvanising industry often uses tape, silicone and lime for their galvanising procedures.

Finally, there’s a solution to this problem: Galvastop®. It is an easy-to-use paint-on masking product for Hot Dip Galvanising that goes through all pre-treatments and comes out of the kettle as ash that is simply wire brushed off. Unwanted zinc sticks to the Galvastop® and not the steel, allowing you to easily remove both. No grinding or retaping required.

Chemical engineers developed this product as a stable and convenient stop-off galvanising material. It’s also safe for use as a heavy-duty corrosion preventative coating in extreme environments.

The Time and Money saving benefits of Galvastop® include:

Hot Dip Galvanizing with Galvastop Australia

Protecting steel, iron and ferrous materials from rust and corrosion is generally done by passing the metal through molten zinc. The zinc creates a tough covering across the surface of the metal, sealing it from the corrosive effects of the environment.

Stop off materials are an essential part of the steel galvanisation process. These formulations are used to prevent the zinc coating from adhering to specific parts of the surface, such as threads and blind holes. It is crucial to use a good quality stop-off material, to ensure there are no flaws or defects in the coating.

Although products from other industries are sometimes used for this process, a purpose-made formulation such as Galvastop delivers the best results in steel coating and masking.

Galvastop Australia Application

Effective Galvastop application can be done with a brush or via immersion. With either method, the only preparation required is the thorough cleaning of the surface, for example, high-pressure spray with good degreaser or manually clean parts with MEK(Methyl Ethyl Ketone).

Galvastop Australia can also be used for heavy-duty corrosion prevention. The unique formulation of Galvastop makes it a great solution for avoiding corrosion in severe atmospheres.