5 things to know before coating Copper Tanks with lacquer.

At Reba Scientific, we work with countless breweries and distilleries to help them keep their copper tanks spotless. Copper tanks are at risk for corrosion and staining, especially when exposed to humidity, sunlight, abrasion, air pollution and even touching.

One of the best solutions to protect your copper tanks so they can keep their iconic lustre is the right tank coating services. The copper surface lacquer coating process is no easy task and requires years of experience and expert knowledge to do it correctly. There are five things in particular that you need to know before any copper coating process:

  • Types of copper – The type of copper used in your brewery tanks will help determine what kind of lacquer we use.
  • Types of lacquer – It’s essential to know which lacquers are explicitly designed for use with copper. You must also consider tarnish inhibitors and the humidity and pollution levels of the environment your tanks are in.
  • Room preparation – Make sure the area where you will apply the lacquer is maintained with extremely low levels of particulates, such as dust, airborne organisms, etc.
  • Surface preparation – Copper must be thoroughly cleaned (with the right solutions) before application of lacquer.
  • Application – Applying lacquer is a complicated process that requires extensive training to do correctly.

We highly recommend lacquer for copper tanks to keep them as beautiful and lustrous as the day you got them.

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