How to restore copper surfaces to mirror shine without toxic acid and grinding

Despite copper’s strength and versatility, its unique aesthetic qualities can easily be reduced and its iconic shine dulled by harsh industrial cleaning chemicals and improper cleaning techniques.

At Reba Scientific we are dedicated to copper surface restoration without toxic acid so your copper tanks, machinery and systems maintain their original beauty. We have a team of expert chemical engineers and copper specialists who can restore your tarnished copper to its original mirror-like lustre with our copper tank cleaning and polish services.

Our chemical engineers create and source innovative cleaning solutions, including copper surface polish, made from safe chemicals. Our products are so safe that they don’t require any special storage. Most importantly, we maximise the safety of your employees and your clients with our non-toxic solutions.

We also offer managed maintenance solutions across Australia and New Zealand, including copper coating to keep your equipment free from imperfections long after we restore your copper to its original lustre. With our cleaning and coating services, you can ensure that your copper tanks and containers stay polished and impressive for your customers, especially when kept in public spaces like pubs, restaurants, and craft distillation houses.