CitriSurf Australia

The CitriSurf Australia provides a revolutionary cleaning, rust removal and passivation solution for stainless steel utilising the natural properties of citric acid for quick, and effective stainless steel preservation. CitriSurf provides a high level of protection from corrosion, ensuring stainless steel maintains its sheen and remains rust-free much longer.

Although citric acid has been used to clean, remove rust and passivate stainless for many years, it is only recently we have truly been able to harness the power of citric acid for stainless steel passivation. Years of studies and rigorous testing has proved that CitriSurf products are not just non-hazardous and biodegradable, but also more effective than traditional toxic nitric acid formulation.

Reba Scientific wants to bring the power of CitriSurf Australia to you. Our range of CitriSurf products is easy to use, non-toxic, and cost-effective – ideal for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Why Choose CitriSurf Australia?

  • Effectiveness – CitriSurf provides excellent passivation on almost all grades of stainless steel. It removes free iron fast while providing a thicker corrosion-resistant oxide layer than with traditional toxic nitric acid solutions.
  • Ease of use – The CitriSurf passivation process works on most grades of stainless steel in less than twenty minutes, and the solution does not need to be heated, unlike nitric acid. Not only that, there is no risk of accidentally leaving the excess product for too long and there are never any nasty toxic fumes, even with poor grade stainless steel.
  • Safety – CitriSurf, which is citric based is a safer, less toxic, and a known substitute for hazardous nitric acid solutions. Nitric acid is corrosive and presents a significant danger to people and property, while CitriSurf products emit no toxic gasses and are safe for anyone to use.
  • Environmentally friendly – Because of their natural citrus composition, CitriSurf products are compatible with the environment. CitriSurf products can be disposed of in any sanitary sewage system since it does not introduce heavy metals (hazardous waste) into the bath.
  • Cost – CitriSurf provides a more affordable alternative for stainless steel passivation, as there are no expensive maintenance or waste-disposal costs. CitriSurf lasts longer and requires less product for perfect cleaning and passivation.

CitriSurf Melbourne

CitriSurf Melbourne represents a remarkable advance in the area of stainless steel passivation and cleaning. Enjoy the advantage of a high-quality citric acid cleaning and passivation solution, and you will never go back to the stress and fuss of toxic nitric acid.

At Reba Scientific, we stock a great range of CitriSurf Australia products – non-toxic, easy-to-use stainless steel passivation, rust remover and citric acid cleaning solutions.