The Journey

Reba Scientific was birthed out of frustration with conventional hazardous, toxic chemical and the high cost of applications, discharge, storage, insurance, etc. The complex application and narrow usage of conventional chemicals aggravated the problem.

Our chemical engineers work hard to find safer chemicals, usually plant-based, which was once considered an unattainable luxury; a chemical due to its exclusivity and costly price, is now more accessible than ever thanks to Reba’s commitment to providing premium safer chemicals to the wider market, allowing all to enjoy the many benefits of safer chemicals.

This is a journey on a road far less travelled, but thanks to the support of our clients and staff, the ride is made much more satisfying and worthwhile.

Our values

  • Quality – All of our products are made with carefully sourced plant-based ingredients
  • Affordability – We don’t cut corners on quality, only on costs, so that our safer chemicals are available to a broader market
  • Safety – Chemical engineers use the science of natural ingredients to create non-toxic passivation and cleaners
  • Waste-reduction – We make our products to be highly versatile and applicable to a wide range of uses, cutting down on waste for the environment and costs for companies
  • Access – By producing and sourcing safe and affordable products, we help smaller companies acquire the same quality that was previously only available to selective few