Specialising in Chemical Solutions and Services for many industrial applications

Reba provides new technology and services in metal surface treatment, notably in stainless steel, copper, steel and aluminium.

The Business is owned and managed by its two directors: Ming Loi and Mark Bennell. This is an experienced team, with many years of combined experience working across a broad range of industries.

We represent the following companies in Australia and New Zealand

Stellar Solutions

Stellar Solutions are the force behind the Citrisurf ® brand and market leaders in the manufacture and supply of citric acid based products for use in the metal treatment industry, primarily for the passivation of stainless steel.

Citrisurf ® products remove contaminants and passivate stainless steel by removing ALL the free iron from the surface and providing the highest chrome oxide level posible. Applied properly, it will also enhance the brightness of the surface. Citrisurf ® is the registered trademark of Stellar Solutions Inc McHenry IL USA.


Established more than 60 years ago Petrofer is one of the world’s leading companies for the supply of industrial lubricants, specialised liquids and process technologies. With over 600 products in the range, there is a Petrofer product to meet your needs.

FutureSafe Solutions

First class performance and safety drives FutureSafe Solutions products which are the new generation non toxic, environmentally compliant paint removers, aqueous surfactant cleaners, and advanced acid replacement technology for commercial and industrial applications.

Puma Chemical

Puma are the American manufacturers of Galvastop, one of the leading products used for the protection of metal surfaces during the Hot-Dip galvanising process.