With over 600 products in the range, Petrofer is one of the world’s leading companies for the supply of industrial lubricants and specialized liquids and process technologies.

General product categories include:

Industrial Lubricants: A range of lubricants to enhance machine service life.

Quenchants: Heat treatment technology, quenching media.

Coolants: The optimal range - water-miscible and water-immiscible.

Fire Resistant Hydraulic fluids: For the most stringent requirements.

Metal forming Lubricants: For precision stamping, wire drawing, metal forming and much more.

Release Agents: Lubricants and release agents for the highest cast qualities.

Industrial Cleaners: Cleaning and maintenance products for a wide range of requirements.

Corrosion Inhibitors: Products for all types of metal-processing.   

Paper Chemicals: Highly-sophisticated and specialised chemicals for the paper industry.

Service products: Additives and service products for metal, glass and paper processing.

Salt Baths & Protective Pastes: Hardening & high-speed steel baths.

Reba International Pty Ltd represents Petrofer in the Australian and New Zealand markets. For details on the Petrofer range contact us.